PT. Supra Awali | Supra Awali | A Trading & Engineering Company in Marine Equipment
PT. Supra Awali merupakan Perusahaan Perdagangan & Teknik di Bidang Kelautan yang juga berhubungan dengan Industri dan Otomatisasi.
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Our Business


Epoxy Ceramic Coating for Industrial & Marine use :
Sea Pipes & Pumps,  Internal Drilling Pipes, Storage Tanks for food, oil, fuel, etc.
Classified for Food Grade Safety Standard (Ceram-Kote).
Metal Repair Compound for Pipeline, Valve, Pump Shell, Tank Body, Concrete under emergency, and Leakage Reparation (SealXpert).


Temperature ; Sensor, Thermocouple, Thermowell, RTD, Controller, Digital Humidity Sensor (COMARK, ThermoElectric & Maxthermo)


Combustion Analyzer for Boiler & Automobile, Gas Analyzer Portable (KANE International)

Marine Equipment

Quick Release Hooks
Laser Docking System : Current Sensor
Environmental Monitoring System : Wave & Tide Laser Sensor
Steel Marker Buoy & Mooring Buoy (KEMAN)
Marine Paint – Flexible Ceramic Epoxy Coating (Ceram-Kote)
Marine Lanterns


LED Lighting provision for heliports and buildings which includes varieties of colors and intensity (Point Lighting)

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